The Digital Archiving Consultancy

Digital preservation, archiving and curation

Experts in archiving

The management of information over the long term, especially digital material, is complex and difficult, with many hidden risks. The Digital Archiving Consultancy (DAC) is an independent company which specializes in helping companies, institutions, and governments master these challenges, at strategic, policy, organisational and technical levels.

Our consultancy services are designed to enable companies and other organizations to achieve success and general additional benefits with archiving and preserving their data:

  • Consultancy on archiving, records management and related business activities. We specialise in digital asset preservation, protecting, preserving and leveraging intellectual capital.
  • We provide help and advice at strategic, policy and operational levels.
  • Advice on how this issue can be addressed within the context of your particular organization.
  • Management briefings on the business opportunities and risks related to digital asset retention.
  • Workshops and training courses on all aspects of digital conservation.
  • Development of requirements specifications and archive systems designs.
  • Practical assistance with building robust cost-effective digital archiving solutions.

Successful long-term curation of data can mean reduced risks, reduced costs and the maintenance of value in information which has been expensive to gather or create. For more information contact us here.)

An international perspective

Based in the UK, the DAC operates internationally in Europe, North America and the Middle East. It provides services in Arabic, French, German, Spanish as well English.

Independence and unique depth of experience

We are proud of being able to offer truly independent advice. The DAC has unique depth of experience and breadth—ranging over government institutions, commercial archives, academia, and international organisations.

The Digital Archiving Consultancy addresses the data retention needs of highly
regulated businesses, such as pharmaceuticals and engineering.

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