The Digital Archiving Consultancy

Digital preservation, archiving and curation


Archiving Solutions

Our consultancy services are designed to enable companies and other organizations to achieve success with archiving and preserving their data.

Successful long-term curation of data can mean reduced risks, reduced costs and the maintenance of value in information which has been expensive to gather or create.

We provide:

  • Consultancy on digital asset preservation, protecting and preserving intellectual capital.
  • Advice on how this issue can be addressed within the context of your particular organization.
  • Management briefings on the business opportunities and risks posed by digital asset retention.
  • Workshops and training courses on all aspects of digital conservation.
  • Development of requirements specifications and archive systems designs.
  • Practical assistance with building robust cost-effective digital archiving solutions.

For the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sectors, we offer first-hand, practical experience in the industry, addressing the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 records maintenance and archiving requirements.


Research organizations: The Consultancy has particular experience advising at the highest levels science research organizations and the higher education sector.

Maintaining and preserving the value in digital data is complex, involving not only difficult technical questions but issues of business policy, process definition, finance, and organizational change.


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